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Let the feastivites begin; six new flavour mince pies land at Asda for 2023

September 29, 2023 08:43pm
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Extra special brown butter and spiced dark rum mince pie

Asda is launching a 17-strong mince pie range

  • Asda is launching a 17-strong mince pie range, with 6 new flavours, for Christmas 2023

  • Flavours include Brown Butter and Spiced Rum, Frangipane and Amaretto, Chocolate and Cherry Crumble and a vegan OMV! Crumble Topped Mince Pie

  • Asda predicts to sell 26 million mince pies this year, after selling 24 million last year 

  • Hero products in the range, including the Extra Special Brown Butter & Rum Mince Pies, are produced by a family-run bakery based in Lazonby, Cumbria which has been producing high quality, delicious baked goods since 1946

  • Available as part of Asda’s 2023 Christmas range, mince pies land this week instore and online

With less than 100 days to go before the big day, it’s never too early to start stocking up on the nation’s favourite Christmas treat.

As a nation, we love mince pies, and this year Asda has gone big. Throughout the season Asda predicts to sell 4.4 million packs of mince pies – that's over 26 million individual pies.

Landing this week, Asda is offering a 17-strong mince pie offering for the festive season, with six new flavours, catering to all mince pie lovers - whatever their preference. This summer Asda announced its first ever Christmas signature flavour, Brown Butter and Spiced Dark Rum, created by the Asda Innovation Team. The flavour will be across hero products throughout the festive range, from mince pies to pigs in blankets. Jonathan Moore, Senior Director of Food Innovation and Trends, says: “We noticed an abundance of brown butter being used globally by top pastry chefs, accompanied by the growth in the use of dark rum by mixologists across the globe, and this instantly recognisable flavour of warming spices was the perfect pairing for the brown butter. By combining these two key flavours, this year’s Christmas signature flavour was born!” Taking the reins of the range are the Extra Special Brown Butter & Rum Mince Pies (6PK, £2.75). The all-butter short crust pastry is enriched with brown butter for a unique nutty flavour and filled with a spiced vine fruit and citrus peel mincemeat, topped with a Jamaican rum and sweet dusting for a real festive treat.

For those who dare to be different at Christmas, the Extra Special Chocolate & **Cherry Crumble Mince Pies (6PK, £2.75) **made with rich chocolate flavour, all-butter short crust pastry, filled with sweet cherry jam and mincemeat, and topped with chocolate crumble will be a favourite. Customers can also enjoy the **Extra Special Frangipane & Amaretto Mince Pies (6PK, £2.75) **made with all-butter pastry and filled with Amaretto-infused vine fruit and citrus peel mincemeat, topped with a delicious all-butter frangipane, finished with flaked almonds and a sweet dusting.

The Asda Extra Special Mini Mince Pies (9PK, £2.75) with vine fruits, Valencian orange oil, spices, rich ruby port and cognac, are perfect for a light dessert or Christmas party.

For those who like to stick to the classics, the Extra Special Deep Fill Mince Pies (6PK, £2.75) are impressively filled to the brim with mincemeat in an all-butter short crust pastry, along with the Asda Mince Pies (6PK, £1.45).

Asda’s own-brand vegan range, OMV!, will be launching its first ever festive offering this Christmas. Available from Monday 2nd October, the OMV! Crumble Topped Mince Pies (4PK, £2) have a fruit-packed vegan mincemeat filling and are topped with cinnamon and ginger spiced crumble for a modern twist on a festive classic.

Customers can also shop the **Free From Frangipane Mince Pies (4PK, £2.25), **and enjoy sweet pastry filled with rich brandy mincemeat, topped with frangipane and delicate flaked almonds. Asda worked with a family-run bakery based in Lazonby, Cumbria to produce some of the hero products in the range, including the standout Brown Butter & Rum Mince Pies. The business, established in 1946, has been producing high quality, delicious baked goods for the past 75 years. The pies are made from scratch in small batches and finished by hand.

John Hines, supplier spokesperson, says:

“Each year it's a joy to work with Asda on creating our mince pies and to feed the nation with their favourite festive bakes. “We are always looking to see how we can incorporate new, exciting flavours to give our mince pies the wow-factor and experiment with different tastes and popular products.”

“We’re wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!”

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