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Get into the spirit! Asda’s range of award-winning spirits and liqueurs are perfect for party season

October 20, 2023 02:03pm
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Asda’s range of award-winning spirits and liqueurs are perfect for party season

  • Asda announces seven new drink lines, including Extra Special Chocolate Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur and Extra Special Cask Finished Blended Malt Whisky  

  • With prices starting at £8, the beautiful bottles are perfect for gifting  

  • The range includes award-winning lines, such as IWSC 2023 Gold medal winner Extra Special Blonde Chocolate Liqueur 

Whether stocking up the home bar pre-Christmas or looking for what to gift friends and family, Asda’s range of own-brand, award-winning spirits and liqueurs cater to everyone from Espresso Martini fans to Whisky connoisseurs. With prices starting at £8 for IWSC Gold medal winners, customers can find fantastic quality bottles for a bargain price tag.

New this year, is the Extra Special Chocolate Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur (£8) which combines South American Arabica coffee with triple distilled vodka, indulgent cream, cocoa bean extract and sugar syrup. The drink is endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute 2023 and joins the already popular, Extra Special Blonde Chocolate Liqueur (£8) in the range, which customers love for its delicate caramel flavour with Madagascan vanilla. Its high quality was recognised by a Gold medal win in the IWSC Wine and Spirits competition 2023.

Expected to be popular this year, are ready-to-drink cocktails, which deliver the wow-factor for minimal effort. The Extra Special Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Cocktail (£8) contains pronounced notes of 100% Arabica Latin American blend coffee, triple distilled vodka, coffee liqueur and light notes of Madagascan vanilla extract, sea salt and caramel syrup. Simply shake for 30 seconds and serve over ice for a classic frothy crema top. Complete the trio with Extra Special Passion Fruit Pina Colada (£8) a creamy blend of Caribbean white rum, coconut liqueur and tangy passion fruit and pineapple juice. Alongside the Extra Special Strawberry Daiquiri (£8), a refreshing mix of Caribbean rum, strawberry liqueur, a squeeze of lime and sweet strawberry purée.

For gin fans, the Extra Special Botanical Gin (£16) is made in Yorkshire with hand foraged botanicals from the surrounding countryside. Containing nine botanicals, which is more than most premium gins on the market, the combination of gorse and crab apple is a unique offering and exclusive recipe for Asda. It’s also endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute 2023 and achieved a Bronze medal win in the IWSC Wine and Spirits competition 2023. With sustainability at the heart of how this gin is made, our supplier Sloemotion, use an energy efficient still for creating the gin, which uses a fifth of the energy of a traditional copper still. The botanicals, once used in the distillation process, are also composted and used as fertiliser.

For customers looking for no/low alcohol options, our improved Extra Special Non Alcoholic Botanical Gin (£10) certainly doesn’t compromise on flavour and quality. Refreshing and vibrant, the botanical drink is based on traditional alpine juniper, Indian coriander seed and Sicilian lemon; the blend is then enhanced by Tahitian lime. Based on unique water from the Cairngorm mountains in the Scottish Highlands, filtered through granite rock for up to fifty years, results in a special, low mineral content.

Finally, for the whisky connoisseurs, Asda provides a truly unique addition to its premium range this year. Two Extra Special Blended Malt Scotch Whisky bottles, one matured in a Caribbean Rum Cask (£22) and one in an American Bourbon Cask (£22). Traditionally distilled using water and air-dried malted barley before being matured in traditional oak barrels for a minimum of three years, one is then finished in a rum cask for a further two years and the other in an American bourbon cask for 2 years, to impart even more flavour.

The Rum Cask Whisky is soft and delicately balanced, with a full-bodied spiced complexity and notes of honey and vanilla. Baked orchard fruits, sticky glazed pineapple and a gently warming finish, this smooth drink ends with soft wood spice, creamy vanilla and a hint of sweet cinnamon. Whilst the American Bourbon Cask Whisky has a rich flavour of warm summer fruits, complex caramel and a refined floral finish, it’s smooth with pure malty flavours, white chocolate and a drizzle of honey. Both bottles are Silver medal winners at the IWSC Wine and Spirits Competition 2023.

Shop in store and online at asda.com now, ready for the festive season. For customers planning ahead, Christmas grocery delivery and click and collect slots are already available to book online at Asda.com or via the Asda app, with over one million slots available in Christmas week.

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