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A Tree-mendous display: Asda to create a showstopping Christmas tree that only lights up when Michael Bublé’s festive hits are sung into it

November 7, 2023 01:06pm
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A Treemendous display
A Treemendous display

A Tree-mendous display: Asda to create a showstopping Christmas tree that only lights up when Michael Bublé’s festive hits are sung into it

To celebrate its 2023 Christmas campaign starring none other than Michael Bublé, Asda has turned to a little Christmas magic (and a large festive helping of technology) to create a unique first-of-its-kind public Christmas tree: one where all the lights are 100% Michael Bublé-powered. People simply step up to the mic, give the tree their best Bublé and watch it dance and dazzle with light.

Endorsed by Michael Bublé himself, Asda’s ‘karaoke’ Christmas tree has been created using state-of-the-art tech that can detect when a person is singing a Christmas hit by the Canadian superstar into the microphone and immediately triggers over 300 metres of lights to illuminate all over the tree.

And far more sophisticated than a mere song-activated ‘on/off’ switch, the custom-made technology uses voice recognition to detect the level of effort from a singer as well as their pitch. The more effort put in, the more correct notes hit and the more of a show people put on, the more the tree lights up.

The 20-foot-tall Michael Bublé-powered Christmas tree is being unveiled outside of London’s Kings Cross Station, where it will be in place for one day only on the 16th of November, from 10am to 7pm. Members of the public are invited to get into the festive spirit by singing live directly to the Christmas tree.

In return for giving their all to Michael Bublé’s ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’, participants will be rewarded with free Asda Christmas goodies – as well as the satisfaction at having done their part to spread Christmas cheer to all around.

Last week Asda unveiled global music icon Michael Bublé as the star of its Christmas advert in a charming and funny 90-second spot directed by Oscar-winner Taika Waititi. In the ad, Michael Bublé takes on the role of the supermarket’s Chief Quality Officer and is tasked with ensuring the retailer delivers the very best quality for the nation this Christmas. He is seen measuring rows of individual chocolate and orange panettones and indulging in some delectable brown butter and spiced dark rum mince pies.

David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda says: This year our mission is to help the nation put on a showstopping Christmas and what better way to bring that to life than by inviting members of the public to take to the stage and join us in spreading some seasonal joy with the help of Bublé’s Christmas hits. With Bublé’s undeniable ability to spread seasonal smiles and our commitment to quality, at great value, we’re a match made in heaven. The must-see Michael Bublé powered tree and first-of-its-kind interactive experience promises to be a seasonal spectacle that delivers a little magic with all the trimmings, just like our Asda 2023 Christmas offering.”

Those unable to visit Kings Cross on the 16th can still indulge in some unadulterated festive joy by watching Michael Buble’s showstopping performance in Asda’s Christmas 2023 advert via https://youtu.be/9903IpCC1CA.


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