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Asda announces Christmas Sourdough as part of festive line-up!

December 11, 2023 03:14am
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Asda announces Christmas Sourdough as part of festive line-up!
Asda announces Christmas Sourdough as part of festive line-up!

Brand new for Christmas 2023, Asda is introducing a Christmas Sourdough to its festive line-up.

The **Extra Special Cranberry, Sage & Onion Bloomer **(£2.50) is baked instore, made using a dough containing a 24-year-old Levain, and peppered with sage, dried cranberries and onion – for the true taste of Christmas.

Bringing new innovation to Asda’s bakeries, the dough is hand-folded and given a long ferment to create the key sour notes and characteristic open crumb texture of a classic sourdough.

The loaf is proved overnight, before it is hand-cut, and stone baked with lots of steam to give the bloomer its classic dark colour and crusty texture. The resulting bread has a balanced sour flavour and all the delicious signature tastes of Christmas coming through each bite.

Asda is expected to sell 120,000 of the festive bakes during the Christmas season. Priced at £2.50, it will also be on Manager’s Special Offer from 12 – 19 December at a bargain price of £1.67.

Asda experts suggest enjoying it toasted with Extra Special West Country Butter (£2.50) for a special Christmas breakfast or making it extra festive by paring it with the Extra Special Cherry & Amaretto Jam (£1.90), a fruity cherry jam with warming amaretto liqueur and brandy.

Customers are already loving the Christmas bloomer, rating it five out of five on Asda.com and saying it has an “amazing taste and texture”. One customer has been converted to the luxury offering, saying “I usually don’t like sourdough, but this is so lovely when toasted. It tastes like stuffing and cranberry. I could honestly eat multiple loaves of this a week!”

One shopper has rushed back for the bloomer, saying “I have repurchased it since I first tried it!”.

It is available to shop online and in-store now and throughout the Christmas period.

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