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Asda’s festive drink hacks: hot drinks for 91% cheaper than Christmas markets!

December 14, 2023 03:00am
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Asda’s festive drink hacks: hot drinks for 91% cheaper than Christmas markets!
Asda’s festive drink hacks: hot drinks for 91% cheaper than Christmas markets!

•       Asda has put together the ultimate recipe round-up, showcasing how to enjoy festive drinks for the fraction of the price as seen elsewhere during the festive season.

•       With the price of a hot chocolate or mulled wine this year costing an average of £5.50 at Christmas markets and events* - drinks can be recreated for as little as 50p per serving using Asda products, a staggering 91% cheaper!

•       Shoppers can choose from a variety of Christmas flavoured coffees, seasonal hot chocolates, hot and festive plant-based drinks and a range of zesty, spicy teas.

•       Shoppers can also choose to add award-winning liqueurs or spirits to give their drinks that boozy buzz, creating at-home Hot Toddies, and elevating mulled wines using affordable spices from Asda’s scratch cooking brand.

•       George Home offers an array of mugs and glasses to pair with festive drinks, from novelty favourites to delicate pieces from Stacey Solomon’s festive collection – shoppers can enjoy the full festive drink experience.

With the average cup of hot chocolate costing £4.02 across coffee shop chains like Starbucks and Costa*, and prices of hot chocolates and mulled wines reaching an average price point of £5.50 at popular Christmas markets and events*; Asda offers affordable alternatives for customers looking to recreate their favourite festive beverages at home.

From boozy hot chocolates and gingerbread lattes, to mulled wines and spicy teas, Asda has put together the ultimate recipe roundup of the most popular seasonal beverages, with hacks on budget friendly options so shoppers don’t have to forfeit luxury whilst choosing to save on cost this Christmas. Popular Christmas drinks can be recreated for as little as 50p per serving, whilst still providing each drink with a touch of added festive luxury.

No Christmas drink is complete without a festive mug, especially the Michael Bublé approved George Home Brights Alphabet Mug (£2.50) as seen in Asda’s Christmas advert! With an array of mugs available now instore and online, customers have been loving these on social media.*

Boozy Hot Chocolate

Asda’s Extra Special Fairtrade Indulgent Drinking Chocolate (£2.75) and the Extra Special Blonde Chocolate Liqueur (£8.00) shoppers can give a classic hot chocolate that boozy oomph. Recognised by a gold medal win in the IWSC Wine and Spirits competition 2023 for its high quality, the Liqueur has delicate caramel flavours with hints of Madagascan vanilla. With an average of four out of five stars on Asda.com, one customer said; “I absolutely love it! It’s got a gorgeous caramel background taste; I will be stocking up on this affordable luxury.”

Customers can go the ‘full works’ by adding Asda’s Squirty Cream (£1.45) and Asda Marshmallows (£1.35). Using all four Asda products, customers can create this festive favourite for as little as 50p per serving – making a whopping fifteen 250ml drinks! 

Make a boozy hot chocolate that extra special and fun with the
George Home Brown Christmas Reindeer-Shaped Mug (£3.50).

Vegan Cinnamon delight

For vegan shoppers, the
OMV! Cinnamon Hot Choc Pearls & Mallows (£2.50) are the go-to. With a five-star rating on Asda.com, one shopper said, “this is without doubt one of the best ‘free-from’ hot chocolates I’ve ever tasted!”. Serving two, the pack contains smooth milk chocolate pearls with cinnamon and caramel flavours and extra sweet marshmallows. Packaged in festive wrapping, it’s perfect to gift to loved one or enjoy together during a cozy winter evening.

Enjoy with the
OMV! Dark Choc & Honeycomb Cake Pop Bites (£4.00) to create the ultimate vegan chocolate combo - chocolatey cake bites with a rich truffle centre, crunchy honeycomb pieces and smothered in dark choc, perfect for pickers!

Making it extra festive with the popular
George Home Christmas Gingerbread House-Shaped Mug, the mug bundle with the OMV! Cinnamon Hot Choc Pearls & Mallows is now available to shop on Asda.com for just £6.00.

A classic mulled wine

Customers can purchase
Asda’s Extra Special Mulled Wine for just £4.50 per bottle. Rich in red berries, cinnamon and citrus notes, this mulled wine is the perfect traditional winter drink. Customers love it, with a review online saying, “This is absolutely beautiful - actually the best I’ve had. It’s just Christmas in a glass!”.

Shoppers can elevate their drink by adding
Asda Cinnamon Sticks (£1.00) and Asda Whole Cloves (£1.00) to bring out the rich flavour of the wine with added festive spice. To make six 125ml servings, with all the extras, will cost just 75p per serve!

Customers could also add in the
Caribbean Spiced Spirit Drink (£12.85) - a spiced rum infused with notes of vanilla, hints of caramel, lemon and warming mixed spices. For the ultimate festive feel, shoppers are advised to enjoy the wine with Asda’s Extra Special 6 Luxury Mince Pies (£2.75) - M&S Taste Match approved. 

Homestyle Gingerbread Latte

For a homestyle gingerbread latte, shoppers can pick up the
White Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavour Latte Tub (£3.00). A white chocolate and hazelnut flavour instant and finely ground roasted coffee, described as tasting “just like a kinder bueno” by reviews online. By adding Ground Ginger (£1.00) and Ground Sweet Cinnamon (£1.00) from Asda’s Cook By range, shoppers can recreate the popular, well-loved gingerbread latte, found on menus of high-street coffee shops.

Paired with some extra
Squirty Cream (£1.45) and topped with a Mini Gingerbread Man (£2.30), creates the ultimate ‘Instagramable’ homestyle luxury.

A Gingerbread latte is best enjoyed in
George Home Christmas Gingerbread House-Shaped Mug (£3.50).

A festive Hot Toddy

Shoppers can make a festive Hot Toddy using
Asda McKendrick's Blended Scotch Whisky (£7.25), a squirt of Asda’s Runny Honey with Gingerbread Flavour (£1.90), a dash of lemon juice from an Asda Lemon (30p), and finished with Cinnamon Sticks (£1.00) and Whole Cloves (£1.00). Using Asda products, an at home Hot Toddy will cost just over £1.00 per serving to make, with 7 available servings in total, including a double 25ml shot of whiskey, for that extra winter punch!

A festive Hot Toddy pairs well with
George Home Christmas Gonk Glass Cappuccino Mug (£2.50) – a great bargain glassware piece according to social media users. 

Fragrant winter teas

Asda offers several zesty, spicy or berry flavoured teas, perfect for cold winter nights, enjoyed as a non-alcoholic option. From
Asda Wild Berry 20 Tea Bags (75p) to Asda Lemon & Ginger 20 Tea Bags (75p) and Asda Extra Special 50 Chai Tea Bags (£1.50), shoppers can indulge in a variety of taste-notes from Asda this winter, enjoying a warm drink in hand during the cold season. One customer stated that “the hot Chai tea is very soothing and comforting. It has a cinnamon and clove taste and makes you feel instantly warmer and at ease with yourself.”

Customers can enjoy their fragrant teas in George Home’s
Stacey Solomon Collection White Embossed Tree Mug, with a set of 2 costing just £6.00. 

All products mentioned are available instore and online today on Asda.com and George.com

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