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Asda urges customers not to miss out on their Christmas Cashpot

December 15, 2023 02:00pm
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Asda Rewards
Asda Rewards

Asda has today reminded customers that they have just over two weeks to convert their Asda Rewards Christmas Saver Cashpot into vouchers before this expires on 31st December.

The Christmas Saver Cashpot feature launched in August and rewarded customers with a bonus for saving their Asda Rewards pounds to spend during the festive period.

Rewards users can convert this Cashpot into vouchers to spend either in an Asda store or online until Sunday 31st December 2023.

Asda is now urging any customer who hasn’t already done so, to join the 1.2 million savvy shoppers who have already created vouchers before their Cashpots expire.

So far, the average voucher created is £20 which customers have been redeeming to reduce their grocery bill and help them to prepare for the big day.

To create a voucher, customers must go to the wallet section of the Asda Rewards app and select "Create Voucher” and then confirm the amount they’d like to spend from their Christmas Saver Cashpot.

Any new customer who signs up for an Asda Rewards account before Monday 25th December will receive a £5 off coupon for their first shop. They then have until Sunday 31st December to complete their second shop to receive an additional £5 in their Cashpot.

Throughout the year, customers have been completing Missions and buying Star Products to help grow their Cashpot. Asda has also launched a number of seasonal giveaways and coupons to enable customers to make big savings. Highlights for this year include:

More than seven million customers have used the Asda Rewards app since launch and have earned over £300m in their Cashpots.

Asda customers have earned 12m entries into a Christmas instant win prize draw through the latest ‘Scan to Win’ and have won over £6m in their Cashpot.

More than 4m money off coupons across a wide range of products have been given away to customers.

15 lucky Asda customers have won £5000 in their Cashpot with over 100,000 customers winning a value above £10.

1.7m have earned over £4m in bonus payments for saving Asda Rewards pounds in their Christmas Saver Cashpot.

To get started on Rewards, customers need to download the Asda Rewards app and log in with - or create - an Asda Groceries account.   

Terms and conditions for ‘Scan to Win’ and a full list of products excluded from Asda Rewards can be found on Asda's website - Asda.com.

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