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Mother’s Day at Asda; breakfast in bed and delicious Sunday roasts

March 7, 2024 00:00pm
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Mother’s Day at Asda breakfast in bed and delicious Sunday roasts image
Mother’s Day at Asda breakfast in bed and delicious Sunday roasts image
Mother’s Day at Asda breakfast in bed and delicious Sunday roast
Mother’s Day at Asda breakfast in bed and delicious Sunday roast

The 10th of March is the day that special person gets some much-needed payback for the rest of the year. A long lie in with breakfast in bed, a delicious Sunday lunch and flowers, fizz and chocolates as a gift.

Research conducted by Asda reveals that 53% of Brits would choose to spend Mother’s Day at home with family - with celebrations centered around comfort (65%) and family fun (63%)1.

Asda is the one-stop shop for all things Mother’s Day this year, offering quality, easy-to-cook roasts at amazing prices and a breakfast bundle fit for a queen.

Introducing the “It’s-not-a-big-deal” breakfast.

Prepared with creamy French butter, the Extra Special All-Butter Croissants (four pack, £1.75) are golden and flaky breakfast treats, with a buttery sweet flavour – the proof is in the pastry as these are taste matched to M&S. Another key breakfast item, the Extra Special Sourdough Crumpets (six pack, £1.00) are prepared with slowly fermented sourdough that lends a rich flavour to the dough. Perfect for smothering on either treat for an indulgent start to the day, the Extra Special Fresh Strawberry Conserve (£2.20) is a well-balanced jam with a gentle sweetness.

To fuel up, treat your loved one (or the whole family) to a jar of Extra Special Italian Style Instant Coffee (£2.95) - a medium strong roast which has a deep, full-bodied flavour and is intensely rich. With reviews on Asda.com saying “probably the best clementine juice I've ever had”, the Delicious & Fruity Clementine Juice (£1.95) is a perfect morning pick-me-up to enjoy alongside.

Cherished as an important way of spending time together, ‘enjoying food’ is high up on Asda shoppers list of priorities for the day – with around half of Asda customers planning on having a home-cooked dinner2.

This year, shoppers can pick up the “I-just-want-to-spend-time-with-you” Sunday roast - ready-to-roast options, for those who want to impress without spending too much time in the kitchen.

The Extra Tasty Large Roast Chicken in a bag (on offer for £5 - down £6.50 until 13 March) is basted and sealed in for extra succulence and seasoned with spices and bell peppers. This straight-to-oven bag locks-in flavour to deliver the perfect roast chicken.

Smooth and rich, the Extra Special Creamy Mash (£1.25 or on the 2 for £2 deal) is made up Marabel mashed potato, enriched with double cream, butter, sea salt and white pepper. Making up the plate is the Broccoli, Carrots, Baby Corn and Green Beans vegetable pack (£1.35 or on the 2 for £2 deal) - where shoppers can enjoy delicious, piping-hot veg in under five minutes.

The whole bundle will cost just £7 and can be ready in around an hour – perfect to finish off a slow Sunday.

Amongst Asda shoppers, chicken is the most popular meat on a Sunday roast, followed by beef and then lamb.3

On offer for the big day is the Tender Medium Beef Roasting Joint (£11, on offer at £8 between 29 February – 10 March). The beef is selected and sourced for quality and taste, and 21-day matured. Shoppers can also choose from the Pork Joint (£6.00, on offer at £4 per kg between 22 February – 13 March). Typically serving between 6-8 people, this classic British boneless and rindless pork loin joint works out at less than £1 per person.

To accompany the mains, shoppers can also choose from Asda Roast Potatoes (£1.20 or 2 for £2) - part-cooked and ready in 40 minutes, customer reviews on Asda.com say “crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside...perfect!”. Along with Carrots, Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts (£1.25 or 2 for £2) - a triple bag of veg, which customers love on a Sunday dinner, “very tasty, good value for money, and good you can microwave them when you’ve not got enough space for pots!”.

For those who would like to finish the day off with a ‘cheers’ in true, slow-Sunday style, Asda can offer expert wine pairings.

Asda’s Extra Special Chablis (£14) is a classic Chablis sourced from a selection of the top villages in the Burgundy region. With deliciously flinty aromas and citrus flavours, it makes a perfect partner to chicken and seafood dishes. Asda’s Extra Special Chateau Leboscq (£14) is a great aged claret from Château classed as a Cru Bourgeois (a mark of great quality), showing the very best of a perfect blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. With aromas of plum, toast and leather and black cherry flavours it compliments roast beef and slow cooked lamb beautifully.

Products available instore and online now, ahead of Mother’s Day on 10 March.

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