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January 29, 2024 10:55am
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As new research reveals Brits are divided in their pizza preferences, Asda launches a half-and-half heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pizza -perfect for couples who aren’t quite as compatible on pizza as they are on paper.

Alongside city clashes, regional differences were also apparent. Despite more than a quarter (29%) of those in Wales incorporating pineapple into their dish, the sweet accompaniment was more controversial elsewhere, with only 16% of those in the South East enjoying the topping on their pizzas.

Gender and age also played a part in the great pizza divide, with men (12.6%) twice as likely to opt for meatballs than women (6.9%) and over 55’s (7.3%) ten times more likely to choose anchovies than those aged 16-24 (0.7%). 

With Asda’s best-selling flavours revealed to be the sizzling Pepperoni Feast and the classic Cheese Meltdown, customers opting for the premade pizzas will be able to choose between the half and half Pepperoni Feast and Cheese Meltdown, or the Veggie Supreme and Cheese Meltdown.

Speaking about the launch, Adam Forster - Buying Manager for Pizza at Asda, said:

“Whether it’s a grazing board with friends or a night in with a loved one, we’ve launched the heart-shaped, half-and-half pizza, so customers can share the with the ones they love (whilst still enjoying their favourite slice!)”

“We know our customers are passionate about their pizza. Pepperoni or pineapple, sweet or spicy, everyone has their preferences, so we’re glad that on Valentine’s Day no one has to compromise on a single flavour!

Asda’s heart-shaped half-and-half pizza is available to purchase in-store via the fresh pizza counter from the 5th to the 14th of February, each priced at £4, or included as part of two pizza and a drink deal for £6.

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