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Asda launches Valentines Day multibuy for the LOVES of your life

February 7, 2024 08:15am

·       Asda launches 3 for £3 (£1.50 individually) on selected Valentines Day cards - perfect for budding romantics

·       Cheeky social media users discussed the deal online with one joking: ‘one man is enough!’ 

8th February 2023: Supermarket Asda has launched 3 for £3 on selected Valentines Day cards - with the offer sending social media users crazy.

A post on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page which shared the deal whilst suggesting its ‘perfect if you [have] got some bits on the side’ garnered lots of cheeky comments with one user joking to their friend: ‘that’s you sorted for how many you need.’ Others quipped: ‘you’ve got to keep your options open’ and ‘one man is enough thanks’. Another joked that those picking up three cards of the Valentine variety are: ‘either single and popular, or… going to be single very quickly.’

Some comments were quick to point out that the deal is perfect for those buying for their children – as one user shared that she ‘gets [her] daughters card, choccy & flowers every year
😊’ - or for children to gift in school. One bargain hunter suggested: ‘buy 3 then have a card ready for 3 years!’ Some still looking for their Valentine welcomed anyone to send their spare cards, their way.

Whether you’re looking to buy cards for boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, children, pets or your favourite galentine or palentine – the selection has something for everyone from cheeky to classic favourites.

Shop in store, ahead of the 14
th February, now. Don’t forget to stop by the seasonal chocolates, flowers and booze aisles to pick up that perfect gift, too.  

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