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New limited edition phone jackets will keep your device from freezing in more way than one

February 9, 2024 08:15am
Phone jackets
Phone jackets
  • Asda has launched a new limited-edition range of adorable jackets that will keep devices protected from the harsh winter weather

  • The launch follows new research that reveals over a third (35%) of Brits are unaware that the cold weather negatively impacts phone health, despite 40% having experienced a temperature-related fault

With temperatures set to plummet to -10 degrees in areas of the UK this February, Asda Mobile has launched an unlikely accessory that is designed to keep Brit’s mobile phones safe in the polar conditions.

The supermarket mobile retailer has developed a limited-edition range of miniature phone jackets that feature double padding, a reinforced zipper and are water resistant to keep our hard-working devices at top performance – whilst looking their best.

Manufacturers often warn that colder climates can have a chilling effect on our devices, causing the battery to slow down or even stop completely. But according to new research by Asda Mobile, one third (35%) of oblivious Brits aren’t aware of the impact that cold weather can have on their devices, despite four in ten (40%) admitting they’ve experienced a temperature-related issue.

To help handsets get through the winter in fashion, Asda Mobile’s new limited-edition green jackets are custom-made to fit snuggly around a range of makes and models and are sized at 8cm by 15cm, to fit on the majority of iPhone and Android handsets.

The jacket won’t only ensure the device is as on-trend as its human owner, it will also help maintain the smartphone’s operating temperature, just as a human jacket does to its owner. As whether you’re enduring your daily commute or out to pick up the kids, a fully charged mobile battery life is essential.

Speaking about the launch, Claire Cragg, Head of Asda Mobile, comments: “When it comes to our mobile phones, we’re always trying to get the most out of them. Be it longer battery life or unlimited texts and data, and now our new fashionable phone jackets will ensure the cold doesn’t interfere with their capability. But be quick, as it’s only a matter of time before they become this season’s most in-demand fashion accessory.”

To get your hands on Asda Mobile’s high fashion jackets, simply like, share and tag a friend on @Asdamobileuk’s Instagram post or on the Asda Mobile Facebook post. There are 50 jackets available and they will be sent on a first-come-first-served basis.

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