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Asda launches 'Nanzones' to support the nearly two million over 65's who are set to watch the football alone this summer

June 13, 2024 10:00am
  • This national loneliness awareness week, Asda announces the launch of Nanzones: the first football fanzones designed specifically to cater for the elderly   

  • The first Nanzones will be open at Asda stores in Watford, Manchester and Liverpool for the England vs Denmark Game on the 20th June   

  • Asda’s Togetherness Tracker revealed that 60% of customers cite loneliness and social isolation as key issues that need tackling in local communities, specifically within the older generation

  • Each Nanzone will provide free food, drink, transport and televised live sports   

As new research reveals more than 1.9million over 65’s will be watching the biggest football tournament alone this summer, Asda has announced the launch of ‘Nanzones’: the first-ever football fanzones designed for elderly people to gather, socialise and enjoy the sport together. 

With traditional fanzones often overwhelmingly populated by more boisterous crowds, in a bid to combat loneliness and isolation, the new dedicated Nanzone spaces have been specially created to cater to the older generation to ensure they don’t end up following the football alone at home.  

The first Nanzones will open at Asda stores in Watford, Manchester Eastlands and Liverpool Arrow Park on the 20th June for the England vs Denmark game. Each Nanzone will give local elderly people the chance to unite over food, drink and football. The fanzones for senior citizens are completely free to enter and the areas will be decked out with football decorations and refreshments, offering a safe and friendly environment.   

The launch comes as a result of the retailer’s Togetherness Tracker, which looks at how customers and colleagues want to support their local communities. According to the poll, 60% of people surveyed think more needs to be done to combat loneliness and social isolation, with the elderly called out as the group most in need of support within communities. And despite being a core issue for older shoppers, just 17% say they have accessed support for loneliness and isolation

But Asda’s pledge to supporting loneliness and isolation among the elderly isn’t confined to just one night. The supermarket is putting out a nationwide call for Britons of all ages to check in on an elderly relative, friend or neighbour during the Summer of Sport, sitting with them to enjoy the game, or whatever sporting event they’re keen to watch. People of all ages are also welcome and heartily encouraged to watch the game in a Nanzone alongside elderly fans. 

David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda comments: Sport has a way of bringing people together like nothing else. That’s why we want to use the power of football fandom to help strengthen community spirit this summer – and the Nanzones sit at the heart of that ambition. Our colleagues and customers really care about supporting the elderly in their communities, and we hope that by encouraging the nation to join our pledge to bring people together, we can help combat loneliness and social isolation.” 

Community champions across Asda stores have the opportunity to host Nanzone style events throughout the Summer to engage their local community groups. Anyone who wants to get involved and attend Asda’s Nanzones this summer can reach out to their community champion at their local Asda store. For anyone wishing to attend the first Nanzone events on the 20th June, please contact their local community champions:

  • Arrowe Park, Liverpool: [email protected]

  • Watford: [email protected]

  • Eastlands, Manchester: [email protected]


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