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Asda brings joy back to baking with new range, Bake by Asda

April 15, 2024 10:00am
  • Asda’s new baking range, Bake by Asda, includes 66 baking lines across baking powders, flours, icing, colourings, sprinkles, chocolate and baking accessories 

  • The products feature helpful signposting and a sleek design on the front of packs, helping customers to bake from home with ease  

  • Starting from as little as 69p for a 100g pack of Milk Chocolate Chips and 80p for 1.5kg bag of Plain Flour – customers can access high quality at low prices 

  • The total range landed in March and is available to shop online and instore 

Asda brings joy back to baking with new range, Bake by Asda

Bringing the simplicity back to baking, Asda has announced the launch of its new range, Bake by Asda.  

The existing range has been overhauled with a new, modern design and inspirational shortcuts and tips on packaging, to encourage baking at home.  

Featuring 66 baking lines, from as little as 65p, shoppers can pick up products across baking powders, flours, icing, colourings, sprinkles and chocolate as well as a range of baking accessories including pastry cases, cupcake cases and liners. 

The range joins its sister brand, Cook by Asda, which inspires shoppers to experiment with different flavours, through scratch-cooking ingredients. Highlights include Gochujang Paste, Massaman Paste, Laksa Paste, Chipotle Breadcrumbs and Nooch Seasoning. 

Customers looking to add their own touch to a bake can pick up a pack of 100g Chocolate Chips (dark, milk and white) for as little as 69p - perfect for sprinkling in brownies or cakes. To add a twist of colour, shoppers can add Pink Sprinkles (£1.05), Rainbow Star Sprinkles (£1.10), Triple Chocolate Curls (£1.10) and package up their bakes in the Bright Paper Cupcake Cases (pack of 50 for £1.10).  

For those keen to try their hand at making their own pizza this summer, Asda can offer the Pizza Mix (75p for 145kg). Customer reviews say, “tasted lovely and family really enjoyed their pizzas as they had a properly fresh homemade taste. Will definitely be buying more!” 

Those looking to pick up classic baking ingredients can grab Self Raising Flour Mix (80p for 1.5kg), Shortcrust Pastry Mix (90p for 450g) and Bicarbonate of Soda (65p for 200g). 

Ellie Beecham, Assistant Brand Manager at Asda, says: 

“We’re proud to bring this range to our shoppers. As a development team, we have improved the basics, ensuring our range was in line with the market, and filling any range gaps we had. Having reviewed the opportunity for newness and inspiring flavours, we have introduced several new sprinkles lines for our customers to enjoy decorating with. 

“Customers shopping the new Bake by Asda range can create beautiful bakes for an affordable price, as well as proudly displaying the products in their kitchen. We’re excited to see what shoppers create!”  

The Bake by Asda range landed in March, in-store and online.  

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