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SUMMER SNACKING – Asda launches six NEW globally-inspired crisp flavours, including Habanero Honey and Caprese Salad

May 16, 2024 02:00pm

As the UK’s most popular snack, that’s most often bought at a supermarket, it’s safe to say that Brits love their crisps (especially a full variety of flavours).  
Revealing to sell over 170,000 bags of hand cooked crisps each week, Asda has announced its newest additions, ideal for summer snacking with their vibrant flavour bursts, landing this week.  
Driven by flavour innovation with inspiration from Asda’s Trend Book, six new flavours are hitting the shelves.  
The NEW Extra Special Habanero Hot Honey Hand Cooked Crisps (£1.35/150g) are made with British potatoes and flavoured with sweet honey and habanero chillies for an extra kick. Made with sharing in mind, customers can indulge in a pack that perfectly mixes sweetness & spice together to create a memorable mouth-watering combo. 
Helen Cook, Product Manager of Snacks at Asda, says; “This flavour innovation stemmed from our 2023 Trend Book. Hot Honey, in particular, was identified as a key trend that mixes sweet and spicy flavours together brilliantly.” 

“We know customers love this flavour, as we see it gaining rave reviews across other products, so we’re excited to be able to offer this as part of our crisp range ahead of summer.” 
The new launch has gained rave reviews on social, with @NewfoodsUK on Facebook, with over 370,000 followers, posting ‘New Habanero Hot Honey Crisps spotted at Asda. Another Instagram page, @johns_snackreviews, rated the crisps a 9 out of 10 in a taste test, saying “I absolutely loved them” and “It’s like no bag of crisps I’ve ever had”. 
As the Italian-style Caprese salads make their seasonal comeback at summer gatherings, Asda’s NEW Extra Special Caprese Salad Flavour Hand Cooked Crisps (£1.35/150g) are set to be a crowd-pleaser too. This bag of deliciously cooked chips is flavoured with Buffalo Mozzarella, basil and tomato, then finished with a hint of balsamic vinegar as per an original Caprese Salad recipe. 
“We worked closely with our crisp makers and ingredient sourcing experts to identify on-trend favours from around the world that translate well into crisps, aiming to give our products that distinctive flavour burst that works well for the summer season, which is how the Caprese flavour came about”, says Helen. 
These two new Extra Special products join a further four new lines of ridged style crisps. Big on flavour, the NEW Chilli Mac ‘n’ Cheese flavour ridged sharing crisps (£115/150g) are a bag of extra crunchy crisps with American-inspired notes of creamy cheese, chipotle and kick of habanero and jalapeno chillies. 
The Thai Beef Flavour Ridged Sharing Crisps (£1.15/150g) are another NEW bag of extra crunchy, ridged crisps flavoured with Thai-inspired notes of lemongrass and coconut, originating from flavours seen in Asian Cuisine. 
Helen Cook says that the idea for the new ridged crisp range was to incorporate flavours from around the world, resulting in taste notes inspired by cuisines in USA, Caribbean and Asia, meaning customers can truly bring something different to the table this summer. “We are seeing more of a trend for world food inspired flavours in crisps within the market, with a widened range of flavour profiles with inspirations from across the globe”. 
Also new for summer, are the Extra Special Lemon Cajun Chicken flavour Hand Cooked crisps (£1.35/150g) and Jerk Chicken Flavour ridged crisps (£1.15/100g). 
As the ultimate summer nibble, customers can shop the range in stores and online today. 

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