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Lunch is served: Asda announces hearty Easter centrepieces - including a better than half price offer on traditional lamb

March 20, 2024 07:00am
  • Asda has announced its latest offerings on a selection of high quality, great value Easter centrepieces, including meat, fish and plant-based options.

  • The Good Housekeeping Institute approved Tender Lamb Leg (£5.70/KG) is on offer for a better than half price deal, saving shoppers more than 50% during their Easter food shop. 

  • Back by popular demand are seasonal favourite mains, including the flavoursome Chicken Crown with pork, leek and pancetta stuffing (£8.50), and the Succulent Cook In The Bag Turkey Crown (£20). 

  • Customers can elevate their Easter celebrations with Asda’s Buy 6 Save 25% Deal on selected wines, paired carefully by Asda’s wine expert to compliment tasting notes and textures of main course dishes.

From weekend roasts to Easter get togethers - special occasions deserve memorable meals. With Asda’s impressive centrepiece offerings, customers can make a Sunday Lunch that extra special with a selection of high quality, great value mains.

Elevated through wine pairings from Asda’s wine expert, Clive Donaldson, and a lamb cooking tip from Asda’s Senior Innovation Chef, Rich Harding, Asda customers are set to impress guests this Easter.  

Traditional Easter lamb 
Only a few dishes are as elegant and delicious as Asda’s Tender Lamb Leg (£5.70/KG down from £11.50/KG). Hand-selected for extra tenderness, this bone-in, whole lamb leg provides a premium protein at an amazing price, giving customers both value and quality for some affordable indulgence. Voted as the ‘Best Tender Lamb Leg’ by the Good Housekeeping Institute*, it’s the perfect centrepiece for an Easter roasts with a serving of up to 10 people. Onoffer for a better than half price deal*, customers can save more than 50% on this delicacy.  
Shoppers are already loving this product, with reviews online saying that this is an “excellent leg of lamb and full of flavour. It is very lean with plenty of meat and fed 9 people with still some leftover”. 
The Extra Special Lamb Chump Joint (£5.36/370g) is another succulent, prime cut of British lamb available at Asda; pre-seasoned with delicate blends of garlic, sea salt, black pepper and finished with a sprinkle and sprig of rosemary. This extremely tender and deliciously juicy lamb caters perfectly for smaller tables, with customers saying “it is the perfect size for two”. 
The perfect wine pairing for Asda’s lamb is the
Extra Special Marques del Norte Rioja Reserva (£9/Buy 6 Save 25%). This classic Rioja is aged for over three years, with over 12 months in American oak casks, giving beautiful savoury leather, tobacco and clove notes and a soft silky texture. Clive Donaldson, Asda’s Wine Expert, says; “these savoury flavours work well with lamb - as well as the garlic and rosemary seasoning”.   
Asda’s Senior Innovation Chef, Rich Harding, says that when cooking a lamb leg or shoulder, cooks should “stud it with garlic and rosemary, but also think about what other ingredients they can add”. Rich recommends anchovies; “they’ll melt into the lamb as it cooks, providing little bursts of flavour and bringing that umami twist”. 
“When slashing and scoring the lamb fat, rub pesto into the slashes to get that flavour further into the meat. Bold, herby green sauces such as Salsa Verde and Chimichurri are perfect flavour bombs. Basting is so important (taking the fat from the tray and mopping it over the meat for added flavour). Nothing to act as a brush? Simply use a large sprig of rosemary. This fat doesn’t need to go to waste, as it can be used to roast potatoes, adding further flavour to this side dish”. 
A juicy beef roast 

Asda’s Tender Beef Roasting Joint (£7.00/KG down from £10/KG) is also on offer this Easter, saving customers 30% during their Easter shop, and making a great red meat alternative to lamb. This 21-day matured and extra tender joint is tightly sealed to enhance further meat maturity, improving its flavours and juiciness before roasting. 
With full-body and rich spicy flavours, Clive recommends Asda’s Extra Special Barossa Valley Shiraz (£9/Buy 6 Save 25%), saying; “Red wine works brilliantly with beef, it contains tannins which work to tenderise red meats and results in a smoother tasting wine too. This exclusive blended Asda wine has black berry fruit flavours with touches of clove and vanilla from oak ageing which complement the savoury beefy notes”.   
Winner winner, chicken dinner 
The M&S taste match approved Succulent Large Chicken (£4.49 - down from £5.40) is a fresh class A whole chicken on offer, serving 4-5 people. Shoppers online say that this chicken is an “absolute perfection, full of flavour, juicy and tender, a huge size, and has crispy skin”. Prepared without giblets and reared to high welfare standards by trusted British farmers, customers can expect to tuck into a high-quality bird at an affordable, market leading price. 
Making a seasonal comeback after its hero Christmas moment, and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, is the Flavoursome Chicken Crown with Pork, Leek & Pancetta Stuffing(£8.50). This ‘Simply Roast’ British chicken crown topped with beechwood smoked bacon and a pepper sprinkle serves 4 chicken lovers, and oven cooks in just 90 minutes to a golden perfection. 
The Asda Extra Special Chenin Blanc (£6.25 - down from £7/ Buy 6 Save 25%) is a great partner for this chicken crown roast.  “The concentrated citrus and tropical fruit flavours of the wine pair well with the chicken and the pork and leek stuffing, whilst the light touch of smoky oak complements the smoked bacon”. 
For customers who want to chef up the ultimate Easter roast, the Succulent Roast in the Bag Turkey Crown (£20) with flavoursome pork, sage and onion stuffing, is finished with beechwood smoked bacon and a star shaped butter pellet, and is another Easter special. This red tractor certified British turkey is of highest quality, bursting with flavours. For easy preparation, the roast in the bag element allows customers to oven cook the bird for 2 hours with no fuss, serving a table of 6 hungry eaters.

Good Friday delicacy
Asda’s Flavoursome Half Salmon Side (£7.99 - down from £13.00) is also on offer this Easter. This skin-on, boneless, and juicy half salmon is responsibly farmed and quality checked, with newly amended cooking instructions to give this delicious Good Friday centrepiece a more moist and succulent texture. The 500g pack makes a great buy for all-time favourite salmon starter dishes ahead of Easter celebrations. 
Asda’s Extra Special Chablis Domaine de la Levee wine (£13 - down from £14/ Buy 6 Save 25%) makes a great pairing for this indulgent side of salmon. Clive says that the “refreshing lemon and mineral character of the Chablis wine cuts through the richness of the fish beautifully”, complementing its tasting notes. 
For plant-based shoppers, or those looking for Meat-Free alternatives on the special occasion, Asda can offer the OMV! Deliciously Vegan Mushroom Wellington (£5.55), a seasoned mushroom and caramelised onion centrepiece topped with vegan light puff pastry, with reviews on Asda.com saying it has “great flavours and texture”. The OMV! Deliciously Vegan No Chicken Joint with Sage & Onion Stuffing (£5.00) is another meat-free alternative, a succulent chicken-like joint made with wheat and pea protein and filled with caramelised onion stuffing with a crispy crumb on top.
Clive recommends that lighter reds or richer white wines are paired with Easter’s vegetarian dishes. He says that the Extra Special Chardonnay(£7.25 - down from £8.7/ Buy 6 Save 25%) is a great option with smooth peachy fruits and a refreshing lemony finish, which would be a great pair to the OMV! Deliciously Vegan No Chicken Joint!”. 
All products are available to shop in store and online now. 

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