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Our 2021 Groceries Code Adjudicator survey results

August 12, 2021 04:17pm
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Each year the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) conducts a supplier survey. The survey provides Asda’s supplier partners with the opportunity to offer anonymous and honest feedback on how they feel Asda has operated under GSCOP in the previous twelve months. It also provides Asda the opportunity to gauge its performance and importantly consider opportunities for improvement.

Asda has recently received the outcome of the latest survey. A summary of the results is as follows:

  • We’ve received responses from over 1000 direct suppliers, up over 30% from last year
  • 94% of suppliers agree that Asda consistently or mostly follows the Code
  • 74% of suppliers agree that Asda conducts its trading relationships fairly, in good faith and without duress, which shows a year-on-year improvement
  • The number of suppliers experiencing Code related issues continues to trend down year on year
  • Of the 28 specific GSCOP related areas that were explored, Asda improved our score on 18 and stayed flat YOY on 9 with one stepping slightly backwards.

The results are a positive indication of how Asda operates as a business, working collaboratively with our suppliers and in compliance with GSCOP even during some of the most challenging times the retail sector has ever faced.

Asda’s Code Compliance Officer, Graeme Morrison ([email protected]), is reviewing the results in detail and will continue to work with suppliers to improve Asda’s approach and supplier relationships.

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