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Happy Mother's Day to Asda mums everywhere!

March 9, 2021 09:49am
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Asda Mother's Day

In the run-up to Mother's Day we're celebrating the mums from Asda who work with their children.

Our Peterlee store's community champion Kelly Purvis says Lynne and Abbygail Dunning (pictured below) are like two peas in a pod. Lynne, our counters section leader, has worked for Asda for 15 years and her daughter Abbygail started here last March at the beginning of the pandemic.

Asda Peterlee Mother's Day

Kelly said: "Both Dunnings have an amazing work ethic and are really passionate about their roles in Asda. Thank you Lynne and Abbygail for being such fantastic colleagues!"

Happy Mother's Day for this Sunday to Pauline Finnegan, who's been working at our Belfast Westwood store with her daughter Danielle since the last lockdown began in December:

Asda Belfast Westwood Mother's Day

The store's community champion Noeleen McMahon said: "They both normally work at our Living store but have quickly made a great impression on everyone here. They are both a great asset to Asda, always bringing fun and laughter whatever the circumstances."

There are 13 mums who work alongside their sons and daughters at our Dundee Kirkton store.

Mother's Day at Asda Dundee Kirkton

Pictured above are mum and son duos Alison and Tam Malone and Samantha and Dylan Will, together with mum and daughter team Ellen and Jennifer Cartwright.

Samantha, the store's community champion, has worked with her 20-year-old son Dylan for three years. She said: "We're very community focused in our store, so it feels like we are all one big happy family. It's a plus to have some of your actual family work alongside you too and there's the added bonus of being able to keep an eye on Dylan of course!” Tam said: “I honestly really enjoy working in the same store with my mum. She’s great with advice for the things I can do to help customers and it’s just nice having that support.”

Other mums and their children in the store include: Pauline and Megan Alexander, Jane Duncan and Jack swift, Maggie Keddie and Hannah Watson, Sharon Donachie and Aarryn Jackson, Angie and Ben McKenna, Sandra and Amy Sandeman, Rhonda and Shelbie McKinney, Wendy Wallace and Tony Brown, Violet and Dan Ashare and Corinne Duncan and Alix Clarke.

Happy Mother's Day to Teresa Fullerton and her daughter Kirsty Hawley who both work at our Waterlooville store:

Kirsty, who works on checkouts, is expecting her first baby in August and the store's community champion Jacqui Benham said: "We are all really excited to welcome her new addition. Who knows – maybe in a few years we’ll have three generations working together in our store!"

It's a real family affair at our Antrim store, where we've got six mums who work alongside their children.

Asda Antrim Mother's Day

The family connections include Sandra Walsh and Sarah Morrison, Rosaleen and Sarah Gaughan and Debs Holmes and Skye Hanley, who are all pictured above.

Rosaleen says she loves working with her daughter Sarah: “It’s great to see how how well she gets on with everybody – it makes me very proud to be her mum when I see how she spends time chatting to everyone ... I feel like it’s given me the chance to see her grow up and it’s been lovely to see her really enjoying her job.” Other mums and their children who work together in store include Carol-Ann and Lewis Fitzpatrick, Sarah and Jake Pinkerton, and Anna Hogg and her two sons James and Cameron.

Here's our Biggleswade store's general merchandising manager Brendon Cormano and his mum Loretta, who work together:

Asda Biggleswade Mother's Day

The store's community champion Jaimie Young said: "They both enjoy working in the same store and have worked there for years together. It's lovely to see."

Jaimie works in the store with her daughter Tegan, who joined at the start of the pandemic:

Jaimie Young and Tegan Mead celebrate Mother's Day at Asda Biggleswade

Jaimie said: "I'm super-proud of Tegan. With all the uncertainty her generation have faced she could have been a stereotypical teenager and stayed in her room during lockdown, but she wanted to get out and help. She's achieved lots, learned loads and always asks if we need her to do anything more."

Tegan, who hopes to work within healthcare after her studies, said: "I really enjoy it here and the people have been so welcoming. Having my mum there is so nice and being able to talk to her if I had a problem or was unsure of anything was so good. I'm so proud of my mum – the work she does as community champion is amazing. Everyone in town knows my mum so they all know me as Jaimie's daughter, which always puts a big smile on my face." Read more here.

Our Downpatrick store's community champion Linda Owens shared this picture of Mummy Dolores and Wee Dolores, who've worked together at the store since 2007:

Asda Downpatrick Mother's Day

The family's ties at the store go even further – Wee Dolores's sons Con and Ryan also used to work there! Linda said: "Mummy Dolores and Wee Dolores have both covered nearly every role in our store. Mummy D is now on checkouts and Wee D is price checking. Happy Mother’s Day to both of them!"

Ahead of Mother's Day on Sunday we're celebrating all the mums, daughters and sons who work together in our Gosport store which include Kev and Anne Edwards, Julie Agar and Ben Pugh, Michelle Knight and Ben Harber and Alex and Julie Schillemore.

Asda Gosport Mothers Day

Store manager Catherine Curtis said: “I didn’t realise just how many colleagues are related in the store, but it certainly explains why the store has that one family feeling." One of our mums, Julie, said: “It’s great that I’m able to see my son, Ben, especially during these challenging times when others are not so fortunate. We work on the same department so I get to see him most days even if it is when he is whizzing past me with a home shopping trolley!“

At our Derby store, community champion Debbie Jones is delighted to work alongside her son Thomas Williams:

Asda Derby Mother's Day

Thomas, who works in security, joined the store last March after the company he was doing an apprenticeship with closed due to the pandemic.

Also at the store are Kay Grant and her daughter Fiona:

Asda Derby Mother's Day

Kay works on chilled while her daughter Fiona is part of the Click & Collect team. Fiona worked for us before as a student, but left and returned last year to support us during the pandemic when the vets where she worked at closed. Debbie said: "Our children are thriving in the store and it's great to be able to work with alongside them."

Mum and daughter Diane and Stacey Musham love working together at our Gosforth store:

Happy Mother's Day to Diane and Stacey from Asda Gosforth

Diane has worked at the store for 18 years, while Stacey joined when the pandemic started last year.

Stacey said: "I like to work along my mam as it gives me a chance to see her more as I don't live at home. This has given us an even bigger bond since we always do things together. We've have done taekwondo together for nine years and now we work together!" Diane said: "I'm proud of Stacey joining our store when the pandemic hit. She isn't afraid to work hard."

We're lucky to have a few mums and their children working together at our Shoebury store, including: Jemma our admin manager who is mum to section leader Josh; mum and daughter Tina and Tyla our home shopping colleagues; Andrea our Asda Ace supervisor and daughter Michaela who is a home shopping colleague; as well as Jamie our grocery colleague and her nan Lesley who works in our in-store pharmacy:

Mother's Day at Asda Shoebury

Ahead of Mother's Day we really wanted to say a huge thank-you to amazing customer service colleague Angie from our Telford store:

Mother's Day at Asda Telford

Since the start of the pandemic Angie's two children, Nathan and Jodie, joined the team. Nathan joined in April last year and Jodie has worked with the home shopping team since November. As Angie is the only driver in the family this has meant she has had early starts every day of the week, except for Friday, transporting her children to work. Thank you so much Angie and congratulations on your 22 years of service. We really appreciate your commitment.

It's going to be a Mother's Day to remember for Yvonne Shanks, Christine Andrew and Jay Braynion from our Blantyre store who are all on cloud nine after becoming grandparents.

Asda Blantyre Mother's Day

Yvonne is nanna to wee Ollie, Christine says she's feeling blessed to be gran to Freddie and Jay got a beautiful smiley granddaughter Payton.

The store's community champion Mary Sutherland said: "It's just the sort of good news everyone needed during the last year and they're all thrilled – especially as they managed to get lots of cuddles between lockdowns! There are more surprises to come with wee Ollie soon to be a big cousin and our colleagues Megan and Elaine soon adding to our growing Asda Blantyre family. We are all so excited!"

Kat Clark from our Isle of Wight store works with her daughter Sarah Thompson and is one of the 17 mums at the store who are joined at work by their children.

Asda Isle of Wight Mother's Day

Sarah says it's a real treat working alongside her mum, particularly as it's meant they've been able to see each other during the lockdown. She said: "Mum's always smiling behind her mask and it means the world being able to see her. She's always so positive, even if everyone else isn't. I can always count on my mum to lift my spirits and just knowing she's here at work really helps." Read more and meet the other Asda mums at the store here.

Here are Angela Vendyback and her daughter Kerry, who work together at our Abbey Lane store in Leicester.

Asda Leicester Abbey Lane Mother's Day

The store's community champion Shaheen Memon shared this lovely photo of checkouts colleague Angela and home shopping colleague Kerry, who are in the same bubble, and said: "They're an amazing mother and daughter duo and I hope Angela has a wonderful Mother's Day."

Mother and daughter duo Dawn Hindmarch and Morgan Train are much-loved members of the team at our Cramlington store:

Asda Cramlington Mother's Day

The store's community champion Jackie Burt said: "They're both very popular colleagues and a great support to each other in store and at home. I hope they have a happy Mother's Day."

Our Small Heath store's community champion Tracey Collins is really proud of her daughter Harriet Blenkiron, who came to work with her during the first lockdown.

Tracey Collins and Harriet Blenkiron from Asda Small Heath

Harriet, pictured above supporting Tracey at a fundraising event for Birmingham Dogs Home, has since transferred to Asda Aintree after starting at John Moores University Liverpool last September. She'll be back working alongside Tracey during the summer break.

Wendy Jones and her daughter Sarah will both be on duty at our Pwllheli store this Sunday:

Wendy has worked at our store for 15 years and Sarah for 12. The store's community champion Jo said: "They are such lovely colleagues who always join in on all events. Happy Mother's Day."

Happy Mother's Day to all the Asda mums and to mums everywhere!

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