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Kind-hearted Elgin security colleague Glen helps girl pay for Mother's Day presents

March 22, 2021 11:00am
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When our Elgin store's security colleague Glen Fraser overheard that 11-year-old Mia Pattison didn't quite have enough money to buy Mother's Day gifts he immediately put his hand in his pocket and paid the difference himself!

Glen Fraser from Asda Elgin

Mia's mum Sharon took to Facebook to praise Glen saying: "Wow, just wow! My daughter was paying for a present for me for Mother's Day and he asked her if she was okay and she said she was short of money. Before I got my purse out Glen was off his seat and paid the difference for her. This is hands down the sweetest thing a stranger has ever done for me – well my daughter!

"His generosity and thoughtfulness deserves to be shouted from the rooftops."

Sharon, who's a regular customer at the store, says Mia hadn't realised she was £5.50 short when she took the presents, which included slippers, chocolates and a card, to the kiosk to pay.

She said: "Glen is a real gem – we need more Glens as I think the world has just got so selfish. On the way home Mia just kept saying 'Did that just really happen?' We were really overwhelmed by it all."

The store's community champion Kaye McLeod says the store offered to reimburse Glen for his kindness, but that he wouldn't hear of it.

She says it was a typically generous gesture from Glen.

Kaye said: "It was a lovely gesture from Glen. The lady was going to pay the difference herself, but Glen said she couldn't be buying her own Mother's Day present! Glen will do anything for anybody – that's just the person he is."

Glen's a much-loved figure at our Elgin store and last year when colleagues were asked to nominate someone who's gone above and beyond the call of duty his name came out on top, and he was nominated for an Asda service hero award by 11 of his colleagues. Read more here

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