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We're saying a big thank you to our colleagues who do so much to help others

June 28, 2021 11:43am
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Ahead of the UK's first national Thank You Day on July 4 we're saying thank you to our fantastic colleagues who've been going out of their way to help customers and the local community during the last year or so.

There have been hundreds of examples of our wonderful colleagues providing excellent customer service throughout the pandemic – whether doing the shopping for people having to shield at home, putting smiles on the faces of customers in our stores or stopping for a chat with people at risk of being isolated during the lockdowns.

And with an estimated 12 million people across the country taking part in the Thank You Day we're taking the opportunity to let all our colleagues know how much we appreciate everything they're doing to support our customers, each other and our local communities around our store.

Asda CEO and president Roger Burnley says thank you to Jill Bent at Asda Radcliffe

Asda CEO and president Roger Burnley, pictured here saying thank you to Jill Bent from our Radcliffe store, said: “As we mark this moment of thanks, it’s important to recognise everything that we’ve been through as a nation over the past year.

“At Asda, our colleagues have worked at pace to make sure we could continue to serve our customers with the essentials they needed for their family, whether that’s in store or online. We’ve given support to our communities and provided relief where it’s been needed most in local areas through our charity partners. I’ve never been prouder of how our colleagues have responded; we have taken the time to thank and reward them over the course of the year and will do so again with a number of events over the celebration weekend.

“I know that the pandemic isn’t yet over, but hopefully as restrictions ease we can look forward to better times ahead – a big thank you to everybody who has played their part."

Here are just a few of our colleagues who we'd like to say a big thank you to:

Ben Huddlestone from Asda Lincoln Nettleham Road

When an elderly customer was struggling with his shopping late at night in the pouring rain our kind-hearted colleague Ben Huddlestone (above) from our Nettleham Road supermarket in Lincoln picked him up in his car and made sure he got home safely.

Nineteen-year-old Ben has been nominated for an Asda customer service award for his kind act, with the store's service section leader Francesca saying: "It was such a lovely thing to do; he certainly went above and beyond. The gentleman was very grateful. We are all proud of Ben. He's such a caring, selfless guy who will do anything for anyone."

Ben spotted the customer as he finished his shift and decided to take him home and make sure he was okay despite it being two miles from the store and in the opposite direction for him. Ben said: "The gentleman was struggling and I was concerned for his wellbeing. It was something I'd do for any customer or colleague."

Our Biggleswade store's community champion Jaimie Young wanted to say thank you to 10-year-old Eyva who's helped us set up a new children's book bank in the store.

Eyva sets up children’s Book Bank in our Biggleswade store | Asda Biggleswade
Eyva sets up children’s Book Bank in our Biggleswade store | Asda Biggleswade

Jaimie said: "Children are welcome to swap their books and take one home from the 'bank' which is located in front of the checkouts by the children’s rides. It will be maintained by me and my front-end colleagues and of course Eyva, who will pop in at weekends to check on it when she comes in to shop with her family. Obviously with restrictions in place we ask that customers keep the social distancing rules in mind. Thank you to Eyva for such a fantastic idea!"

Well done and thank you to Anita McAlpine from our Longwell Green store in Bristol who stepped in to help a mum who was having a stressful day:

Anita McAlpine from Asda Longwell Green

The customer's young son was crying and she became flustered and upset when her Scan & Go handset suddenly stopped working. Anita calmly took over the situation and scanned all the lady's shopping for her. The customer was overwhelmed with the service and kindness given by Anita. Well done Anita and thank you for making a difference.

Our Scunthorpe store's manager Terry Edwards is saying thank you to our much-loved community champion Maggie Holland who's retired after 27 years of service.

Maggie Holland from Asda Scunthorpe

Maggie has helped so many groups, schools, good causes and charities in the local area over the years in her role as our community champion. She's also helped fundraise for our Tickled Pink breast cancer charity appeal and been a staunch supporter of our Fight Hunger Create Change initiative.

Terry said: "You’ve done so much for others it’s now time to take some time for yourself. I’m sure your eagerly awaited grandson, Marcellus, will keep you busy! Take care, you will be missed!"

Our Westbrook store's community champion Cathy Robinson says her colleague Liam Singleton is a firm favourite with customers for the way he's always happy to help.

Liam Singleton from Asda Westbrook

Cathy said: "Liam constantly gets good comments from customers. Not only does he help customers to the car or to find a product but he also supports those who need a little technical support. For example, he spent time recently to help an older couple sort out a new sim card for their phone – making sure they got the right one and setting it up for them. Thank you Liam!"

Kind-hearted Anne MacPherson from our Motherwell store went out of her way to donate much-needed supplies to the local foodbank after a customer told her they were running low on supplies.

Anne MacPherson from Asda Motherwell

Anne said: “I noticed the customer had a lot of bulk products in his trolley, so I started chatting to him and he told me he was organising items for his local foodbank as the people there were struggling. I am really passionate about my community, and I just knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted to do some good for others in need.”

Deputy store manager Billy McCreadie said: “We are all so proud of Anne, it was a very good thing for her to do. She’s always looking for ways to support our local community and she is a real asset to our team at Asda Motherwell. Thank you, Anne!”

A big thank you to Derek from our Witham supermarket who bought some chocolate to cheer up a little boy who'd fallen over in the store.

Derek from Asda Witham

The store's service section leader Maxine said: "The little boy was very upset, but Derek did a great job in calming him down and putting a smile back on his face. The mum was so thankful for Derek's kind gesture. Derek's a lovely guy who knows a lot of our customers and will do anything to help them."

Our Livingston store's online support manager Matthew Borthwick says everyone at the store is so proud of home delivery colleague Olivia McPhee, who stopped to help a distressed man on a bridge.

Olivia McPhee from Asda Livingston

He said: ‘Olivia is such a credit to the store. Her friendliness and caring nature is what makes her extremely approachable and we could not be more thankful to her for this incredibly brave act – which most likely saved the male's life. Well done Olivia – we are all so proud of you!"

Thank you to our ever-cheerful colleague Tracey Henry who's a big hit with customers and colleagues at our Hayle Harbour store in Cornwall – especially when she belts out tunes over the Tannoy!

Forty-five-year-old Tracey is well-known for her fun announcements and her impromptu renditions of Whitney Houston and Tina Turner songs, as well as singing Happy Birthday to customers and colleagues.

Store manager Paul Morris says Tracey is a one of a kind and would like to thank her for the way she raises spirits in the store, which has been really appreciated during the pandemic.

He said: "Tracey's an extremely bubbly, chatty and funny lady with a great sense of humour and she's always got a big smile on her face.

"Customers and colleagues here just love her – everyone knows her in the town." Read more about her here.

Thanks too to Emma Wilmott from our Stafford Asda Living store who went out of way to get a pair of shorts that a customer really wanted to go with a shirt he'd just bought.

Emma  Wilmott from Asda Stafford Living

The store didn't have the right size in stock so Emma, who's George section leader, phoned around some nearby stores, but to no avail. She then contacted her partner Phil, from our Telford Living store, who managed to find a pair and bring them over later that day.

Store manager Sue Warner said: "When Emma phoned the customer back to say she'd got him some he was absolutely delighted. It was excellent customer service and definitely going above and beyond. Emma is very passionate about her job and serving customers the best way she can."

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