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'Everyone loves her': a big thank you to our ever-cheerful Radcliffe colleague Jill

A big thank you to our wonderful colleague Jill Bent from our Radcliffe store who's always got a smile on her face and will go out of her way to help anyone.

June 30, 2021 09:12am
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Asda CEO and president Roger Burnley says thank you to Jill Bent at Asda Radcliffe

Customer champion Jill is the first person customers see when they arrive at the store and her friendly manner and cheerfulness has won her an army of admirers – so ahead of the UK's first national Thank You Day on Sunday our chief executive officer Roger Burnley called in at the store to let her know how much her great work is appreciated.

Store manager Lee Maken said: "Jill genuinely cares for colleagues, customers and the store. She always wants to do a good job. She's a really lively and bubbly lady and everyone loves her. If she's having a bad day you wouldn't know it as she's always got a smile on her face. She's upbeat all the time and always interacting with customers.

"I've been store manager here for six years and I've never, ever heard anyone say a bad word about her. If anyone deserves to be thanked it is Jill."

Jill, who has worked for Asda for 31 years, has been on checkouts, the customer service desk and has also been a safety marshal during the pandemic.

Jill Bent from Asda Radcliffe

Lee said: "Jill does a bit of everything really. She will do anything you ask her to, nothing is too much trouble. She always gets involved with our fundraising for things like Tickled Pink too. She is amazing."

Roger said: "As we mark this moment of thanks, it’s important to recognise everything that we’ve been through as a nation over the past year.

"Our colleagues have worked at pace to make sure we could continue to serve our customers with the essentials they needed for their family, whether that’s in store or online. We’ve given support to our communities and provided relief where it’s been needed most in local areas through our charity partners. I’ve never been prouder of how our colleagues have responded; we have taken the time to thank and reward them over the course of the year and will do so again with a number of events over the celebration weekend.

“I know that the pandemic isn’t yet over, but hopefully as restrictions ease we can look forward to better times ahead – a big thank you to everybody who has played their part."

Thank You Day: We're proud to support the UK's first national Thank You Day on July 4. The day is designed to bring people together to say thanks to those in our local communities who've been doing so much to help during the pandemic. Find out more at https://thankyouday.org.uk/ and read more about some of the other colleagues we're saying thank you to here.

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