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Shoppers say Asda has ‘cracked fake fish’ as they take to social media to praise the retailer’s new OMV! No Prawn Cocktail Sandwich

February 2, 2023 03:35pm
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This January 2023, Asda launched over 80 new products instore and online, across it’s two new vegan ranges: OMV! and Plant Based By Asda.

The OMV! range offers delicious, indulgent vegan meals and snacks that don’t compromise on taste or flavour. And there’s one product from range that has shoppers believing it’s as good as the real thing…

The OMV! Vegan No Prawn Cocktail Sandwich (£2.75) features vegan prawns made from seaweed, coated in a deliciously tangy vegan Marie Rose sauce made from tomato paste, brandy and pea protein. Layered with refreshing lettuce and packed into two slices of oatmeal bread, shoppers are raving about the “insanely good” taste and “super realistic” texture of Asda’s latest food-to-go offering with some hoping Asda “carry on selling this after Veganuary” and even asking the retailer “please bring out bags of these so I can put them in pasta dishes.”

Shoppers react, sharing their surprise, delight and praise for the new sandwich:

“Asda have cracked fake fish - super delicious and prawny!”

“🍤 ‘No Prawn Cocktail’ Sandwich 🍤 I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but it’s INSANELY good! 🤩🤩🤩 The taste is gorgeous and the texture of the prawns is incredible!!!! I honestly don’t think a fish-eater could tell the difference 👍 @asda please bring out bags of these so I can put them in pasta dishes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

“I've just tried this 'no prawn cocktail' sandwich from Asda and it's amazing! I hope they carry on selling this after veganuary....Has anyone else tried it?”

“Prawn cocktail sandwiches used to be my fave during my pre-vegan days. I was sceptical that this wouldn't taste anything like what I remembered.....I was wrong! It was delicious, the prawns very realistic and the sauce nice n tangy. Well done @asda . Nailed it! 321cals.”

"I expected the worse but was pleasantly surprised! The Prawns are super realistic & are made from seaweed."

“this sandwich is literally stunning!!! the texture of the prawns is absolutely spot on to the little animal. the sauce is slightly different to what I remember, but in a good way since it has more flavour :) you don't need to eat animals to have a sandwich”

See more reactions: https://corporate.asda.com/20230201/omg-new-vegan-options-like-our-omv-no-prawn-sandwich-are-getting-people-excited

The OMV! Vegan No Prawn Cocktail Sandwich joins more vegan sandwich launches from Asda this month, including bestseller and nutritionist-approved Plant Based by Asda Chickenless Tikka & Onion Bhaji Wrap which has already sold 17,000 units year-to-date. All products in the OMV! and Plant Based by Asda ranges are approved by The Vegan Society and available instore and online now.

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