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Asda launches new scratch-cooking ingredient range starting at just 80p

August 17, 2023 09:44pm
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With over 40 brand-new products spanning more than 10 cuisines, the new Cook by Asda range is making it easier than ever for shoppers to get creative in the kitchen – without breaking the bank.

  • The Cook by Asda range includes over 130 affordable, high-quality, pre-prepared ingredients, with over 40 brand-new to Asda items

  • Inspiring shoppers to experiment with different flavours, highlights include Gochujang Paste, Massaman Paste, Laksa Paste, Chipotle Breadcrumbs and Nooch Seasoning

  • Starting at just 80p, the new range aims to inspire shoppers to eat more healthily, affordably and easily, with quality ingredients that don’t break the bank

  • Cook by Asda will be available in-store and online here, launching August.

To help customers to get more adventurous in the kitchen, without breaking the bank, Asda has announced the launch of a new 132-product strong scratch-cooking range.

According to research, over half of UK home cooks enjoy experimenting with new cooking trends and ingredients, however one in five feel like they struggle to get the seasoning right[1]. Born from the belief that scratch-cooking should be simple, accessible and inspiring, the Cook by Asda range includes affordable, high-quality, pre-prepared ingredients starting at just 80p.

Featuring over 40 brand-new products, Cook by Asda spans more than 10 cuisines, including Indian, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, North African, Italian, American and more. With hundreds of ingredients now available under one roof, the new range makes it quick and easy for anyone to expand their flavour horizons and create restaurant-worthy meals at home for less.

Customers who are keen to cook more Asian-inspired dishes, can pick up the spicy **Gochujang Paste (£1.25) **or citrusy **Lemongrass Paste (£1.25), **ideal for curries, soups, stews or marinades. The **Nooch Seasoning (£1) **and crispy **Chipotle Breadcrumbs (£1.50) **add a unique, savoury edge to family favourites such as a smoky Chipotle Mac and Cheese, which can be found on Asda Good Living.

Whether it’s an aromatic vegetable tagine seasoned with **Ras El Hanout (£1) **or indulgent loaded fries topped with Dirty Fries Seasoning (£1). A chicken traybake with **Harissa Paste (£2.10) **or freshly-made Fattoush Salad seasoned with Sumac (80p); there’s something for everyone in the new range, which spans dry herbs, spices, seasonings, pastes as well as frozen herbs and vegetables.

Customers can also find QR codes on the larger packs in the range, which will take them to Asda Good Living recipe pages. From Gochujang Scrambled Eggs to Nooch Sirloin Steak, here customers can find video guidance and recommendations of how to use the products, as well as step-by-step recipes, presented by a range of social media foodies, such as @Atlanta_Thompson and @Bobbys_ktchn.

Ellie Beecham, Assistant Brand Manager at Asda, says:

“At Asda, we believe that healthy, flavoursome cooking should be accessible to all, which is why we’ve developed our new range, Cook by Asda, and we hope it will inspire customers to scratch cook from home.

Whether you’re looking to add some excitement to weeknight family meals or cook a date-night dinner to impress, our new range can transform any dish, making home-cooking easy and delicious!”.

The Cook by Asda range will be launching in August, in-store and online.

[1] Scratch cooking in the UK increasing – MINTEL, 2021

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